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Flap games – A crypto investment and gaming platform

Investment in crypto is the next big step you can take on your path of financial freedom. With so many cryptocurrencies around you might be wondering where to invest. Flap Coin can put your search to an end.



VR Games

Best Virtual Reality experiences, Action-adventure, racing, battle and mission simulation games!


Play and earn, Buy and Sell NFTs, Get land and property in Flap Metaverse!

Game Tournaments

Join a game tournament and win FLAP Coin/ $ 8000. Earn Daily Rewards and Build Your E-sports Team!

Watch Live Streaming

Watch Live Streaming

Watch Live Streaming

Watch Live Streaming

Upcoming Games

Yes you can win $200000, register today!

Launched and available

Marco, The Hero

2000 + players Registered

Upcoming Project


6000 + players Registered

Upcoming Project


8,000 + players Registered




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What people's say

Flap Game is highly entertaining and amazing. I am a regular visitor on this website and found it extremely useful for game-loving people like me. I do recommend it to all those who want to be the part of this gaming platform. One thing is sure that it will not disappoint you at all.

Randolph Frazier

Top Rated Gamer

My experience on Flap Game is quite good. It provides easy and secured access using through Flap Coin as well as seamless navigation through. I am pretty sure it is going to revolutionize the whole online gaming experience and concept. I strongly feel that all the games I played so far is simply outstanding. Cheers for their great effort.

Roar Spring

Top Rated Gamer


Co-Founder & Developer

Niraj Bhatt

Niraj Bhatt has laid the foundation of FLAP Games. He is a technology-driven game developer by profession and holds massive experience in crypto development projects. He has successfully ventured and headed several block chain-based projects, multiple gaming and digital projects in multi-chain ventures before finally launching FLAP Games.


Anshuman Shrivastava

Anshuman Shrivastava is another prominent co-founder of Flap Games. He is known for his extraordinary vision to scale up technology based products using his sophisticated skills and vast experience in block chain technology and crypto gaming industry.

Marketing Head

Sudhanshu Bhatnagar

With more than 10 years of excellence and experience in marketing different crypto and Fin Tech products, Sudhanshu is one of the vital cogs of Flap Game marketing team. He is responsible to grow our ecosystem and promote awareness through planned events and thorough marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Head

Sachin Shukla

Our social media marketing is headed by a highly skilled and exceedingly experienced expert – Sachin Shukla. He is truly committed and highly proficient in handling social media marketing campaigns across all social media platforms and networks.

Post Production Head

Shashank Singh

Shashank holds extensive specialization in post production management. He has acquired his post production skillset and experience working on large scale projects with leading global crypto and NFTs art production team.

Game Developer

Akshat Bhatt

The man behind our scintillating and interactive crypto games is Akshat Bhatt. He has expertise in developing application features, resource-rich games, and creating systems to record and store data utilizing block chain technology.

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